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Sportex Honda Civic coupe performance exhaust de-cat pipe 1994-03/1996



Sportex exhaust decat pipe Honda Civic coupe 1.5i 1.6i 1994-03/1996

Sportex performance exhaust decat pipe designed to fit Honda Civic 2 door 1.5i LSi, 1.6i coupe built 1994-03/1996.The decat pipe or cat replacement pipe (they are the same thing) bolts in place of the original catalylitic converter (cat). NOTE: not for cars with cat in the manifold.

The Sportex exhaust De-cat pipe is basically a pipe the same size and shape as the original cat. The cats function is to clean exhaust gases that pass through its cells it's these cells that cause the restriction to exhaust gas flow. Sportex decat pipes are far less restrictive which vastly improves the exhaust flow allowing the engine to produce more power. Each Sportex decat pipe is hand built on individual jigs ensuring a perfect fit. The material utilised in production is mild steel which is aluminised for corrosion resistance then painted. The standard exhaust cat is found toward the front of the car exhaust after the downpipes and before the system. This part bolts to the system  using 3 bolts.

NOTE: Decat pipes will not pass an MOT on cars produced after August 1992.

Dispatch time is approx 1 to 7 working days and costs £12.95 UK mainland

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